Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wit is a little more serious in his stage combat.

War...What is it Good For ?

Absolutely. Nothing, say it again....I get the fact that Obama needs to keep what ever.  We are just getting out of Iraq and Afhganisthn, can we cool out? Give this up to the powers that be, The UN, not Congress.  Can we take a time out?  Like I do with my kiddos?  "Hey, Syria, You're messing up.  You gotta stop that", and You over there...You have to stop egg'n them on."  Now go sit and think about how you're mess'n with the rest of the world.  GO, NOW....sit and think about it.  The rest of the world will be waiting, peacefully.
Close but no cigar...

Just asked one of my kids to spell "curriculum".  We were talking about what is expected of them this year.  Yep, I think it was spelled correctly, ding ding ding, you have won a prize.  Your child is weird.  He can write better than his Mommy.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Squirrel on a Window
Look'n for a Rainbow
Gotta get Downtown
To Chicago
The Only Color Brown
He knows

Chuck is writing these poems, I swear.  He's like Bulkouski meets Vanilla Ice.

Then, I'm like, "How 'bout..,"

"I'm all pink..think'n-"

He goes, "Momma, I'm tired, we'll write in the morning".

Damn, shut out from 2 seven year olds?  They both already have an agent. All they need me for is transportation. Is this how it's gonna be? "Cause I'll cut off your Mac and Cheese."

How's that for poetry?

Awe. They're sweet, and snuggley.  Can't I just keep this age forever?  I've been working all week at school for the kindergartners, they seem so young, and my boys were just there 2 years ago.  My big second graders now give me attitude, really...really?  ACasa Forke, I guess so, as long as they "rap" it up with some poetry.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hallmark Channel

"Frasier", one of my favorite shows, is on The Hallmark Channel.  I know this because I dvr it everyday.  It puts me to sleep.  Not because it's boring, but because, it makes me smile.  I know people that worked very hard on that show, that made it Emmy Award worthy ( I think 13 times )  One of whom is the father of my children.  I just paused it to write this...The Kiwis watch it with me.  They don't get the humor, but they know that that's where their Dad spent his day, that day.  I wish I had a DeLoreon.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Join the hand
As we love together
As a family
We hold hands
We help each other through
Our struggles
And we are

Chuck wrote this a few days ago.  7 years old.  No help from me, really.  He's a poet, and he know's it. Little sh.....

Oy Vay